Frequently-Asked Question – Analysis

Do I need to use the estimate provided for my adjustments?

[ Answer ]

The PAIRS™ platform will indicate the central value estimate for variables in your analysis, under YOUR rules set, with YOUR data. The appraiser is always tasked with validating the credibility of the results of the model. If it is not reasonable and credible, you need to take measures to adjust the rules set or properties in the analysis. You also have a LOW range and a HIGH range, which shows statistical support under your model for any number in between. It’s a 2 part process, finding evidence of support for variables is one part, applying adjustments is the other. Use the figures to the low, high, or central estimate if it renders the most optimal adjusted range of values for your comparables. Your rules, your model, your results!

See the Knowledgebase article Estimate Ranges for Variables for more detail.