Frequently-Asked Question – General

Can I solve for any variable I choose?

[ Answer ]

YES, and NO. Of course you can attempt to solve for any variable you choose; however, you should always be mindful of overloading your variable list as well. Start off with your primary drivers, livable area, lot size, garages, pools, year built, etc.. After that, if you want to “test” another variable, we suggest you add them one-by-one, updating each time between This allows for you to quickly spot problem variables (variables that pick up noise) so that you don’t go too deep in the process prior to realizing the problem variables. REMEMBER, every variable adds a layer to the initial process of paired sales analysis and adding in every variable can block other comparisons for more meaningful drivers of value. Just like traditional paired sales, PAIRS isolates properties in the initial process to extract ONE difference between them (or within allowable tolerances). So the more differences you solve for, the less paired sales will be located. If you want to go wild and test a lot of variables, do yourself a favor and make sure you have a healthy amount of sales to analyze!