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Public Records Integration and Inline Cleaning

PAIRS™ matches and appends your MLS records with Public Records, giving you enhanced data capabilities and the option to rely on either your MLS data or public records data. Our public records matching/appending gathers and displays certain property centric characteristics immediately below your MLS records, allowing you to spot discrepancies between the two in a flash. In cases of empty of missing fields of data, the record is automatically appended with the information from the other source, shoring up your data for complete analysis. In the cases of conflicting data, the data from your selected source is relied upon. Our Inline Cleaning allows you to clean your data right on the fly in the platform, negating a need to open up a spreadsheet to do so, another huge time saver for you.

Visual Review of Data

The PAIRS™ platform allows a user to almost instantaneously review the distribution of values of variables uploaded in a dataset. This feature allows for users to quickly identify common or rare traits, identify anomalies in the data such as outliers, and also gives a scatter plot for each variable that can be used to quickly determine if a variable has positive or negative correlation in the market. You can review your data like never before, it's insightful and useful at the sametime.

Market Analysis

Users have the ability to establish a default view of powerful market analysis items such as prices per sq.ft., inventory levels, absorption rates, etc.. With over 40 customizable graphs of design styles, roll-ups and time periods, you can tailor your reports to include salient trends in your market unlike any other product to date. No longer do you have to estimate trend rates, you can include the exact weighted, un-weighted and actual rates of change on a myraid of data points. Communicate the results of a comprehensive market analysis and amaze your clients.

Basic Statistics -
No Modeling Required!!

Nobody makes adjustment support easier to locate than PAIRS™ by Gandysoft, Inc.. Our basic statistics page lays out 7 statistical methods that can render up to 25 estimates per variable/coefficient. After review, a user can then "select" those methods that are returning credible estimates based on their knowledge and experience and we provide "statistics on the statistics" as a further element to guide the valuation professionals decision making process. These are single-variable analysis methods, which means the only estimates that can change with the inclusion or exclusion of variables is the "matched pairs" methods. This gives appraiser's the freedom to add or remove variables with confidence that the remaining outputs will remain again, with the exception of the "matched pairs" method which is predicated on what variables are selected as significant.

Advanced Modeling -
Not Mutiple Regression

That's right, we do statistical modeling in the most useful, pragmatic way that typically applies to Real Estate. Our modeling platform is based on paired sales analysis and the iterative method and allows for scenario modeling, insertion of estimates for variables from other credible methods built into the statistical model, multiple solution strategies, etc.. This is the flagship feature of the PAIRS™ platform and provides valuation professionals multiple ways to handle noise or errors in the data that always exist. In clean sets of data, mutiple regression platforms perform well typically, but with the PAIRS™ method, you never have to accept a non-credible estimate and you have multiple strategies unavailable to you in multiple regression platforms. If you enjoy the inter-related nature of statistical modeling, this is the section for you.

Define Adjustments

The PAIRS™ platform by GandySoft, Inc. was designed by an appraiser for appraisers. In the valuation process, reconciliation is and always has been a primary function of an appraiser. We provide you with estimate ranges and allow you to define a "static/fixed" adjustment for variables deemed significant by you, the professional. The professional can digest those ranges, but to mitigate confusion or ambiguity, we allow you to assign a fixed amount for variables based on the outputs reviewed.

Validation Reports

We put the STAMP on validation reports worthy of inclusion in appraisal reports and workfiles, literally. Each analysis provides reporting options for inclusion in appraisals and workfiles that prominently display a VALIDATED stamp by PAIRS™ and clearly notates variables considered significant and the corresponding impact defined by the user. Commentary and/or methods employed in the establishing of the adjustment is also provided and gives a level of transparency not seen before. Amaze your clients and foster a new era of best-practices in the valuation profession, you will be rewarded for it no doubt.

1004MC Form

PAIRS™ includes a 1004MC report that can be customized to the users liking based on their profile settings. Does your market treat pending sales and/or contingent sales as listings? No problem, define your settings in your profile and you can include or exclude either of those. You can customize your remarks templates to tailor the form to your preferences, and NO second upload is required for condos as our query tool allows you to locate your project with the click of a mouse. It's easy and quick and the report section also allows for you to highlight the text to copy and paste into your preferred form-filler.

Exporting Options

Want to produce a quality, high resolution pdf report of your sub market analysis and adjustment support? No problem, we have an export option that allows you to select the elements in your analysis to create a professional, paginated, analysis report that can be included in your appraisals or workfile. Just select the items you want to include and generate the report. You can do this as many times and in as many configurations as you want or need, and when imported into your current form-filler as a pdf, the pages are crystal clear. We know how important it is to communicate the results from a powerful market analysis, and your clients will thank you for it.